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migateway is an online portal signposting medical information contact details. This portal has been developed by MILE, a collaboration of European pharmaceutical companies.

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Latest company updates
United Kingdom

Pfizer Ltd
Last updated: November 2023
Updated product information
Updated product information
Eli Lilly & Company
Last updated: September 2023
Updated contact information (Medical Information Website) Updated product information
Last updated: July 2023
Updated contact information Updated product information
Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd
Last updated: June 2023
Updated product information
Merck Sharp & Dohme (UK) Limited
Last updated: June 2023
Updated contact information (Company name) Updated product information
AstraZeneca UK Ltd
Last updated: April 2023
Updated contact information
Takeda UK Limited
Last updated: March 2023
Updated contact information Updated product information
Aventis Pharma Limited
Last updated: January 2023
Updated contact information Updated contact information (About, Adverse Event Information, Company name)
Gilead Sciences, Ltd
Last updated: August 2022
Updated product information
Merck Ltd
Last updated: June 2022
Updated product information